Torrid | Low-Impact Strappy Back Sports Bra

by | Jul 7, 2023

Torrid | Low-Impact Strappy Back Sports Bra

Bra Spotlight

Overview of Bra

While Torrid is known for plus size clothing, their activewear line is still being growing. We are ranking this bra as very average across the board. We love the detail on the back of the bra. Strappy and cute, but enough straps to support the weight of plus sized breasts. There are a several color choices to purchase, as well as fun patterns.

As a bonus you can chuck it in the washer at the end of the day to clean it before the next wear. Where this bra comes up short is with the material. It is the opposite of breathable so if you sweat even a little bit throughout the day, it clings to your body like a magnet. Making this a hard sell as a “sports bra.”

Support Level

When assessing the support level of a sports bra with no closures, pads, or wires there are only a few key factors that need to be evaluated. The one that stands out the most with this bra is compression. Most of the support from this bra is going to come from the level of compression it offers. I.e. how tightly the bra presses your breasts up against your chest. If you prefer a bra where the support comes from the straps holding up the weight or the band helping to keep everything in place, this may be a pass for you.

The level of support this bra offers would be on the low end of a low impact sports bra. Boardline lounge bra. If you are looking to do movement that is more than slow paced yoga or walking, we recommend you look elsewhere to ensure your girls will stay supported the whole time.


Any time you have a bra without wires or cups/padding you run the risk of the infamous “uniboob,” or the lack of separation of the 2 breasts. While this bra doesn’t do a great job of separating and lifting, there is still enough shape to see the natural separation of the breasts even under clothing.

Torrid properly markets this bra as delivering a “sports bra silhouette.” They don’t over promise some incredible push up shape and we appreciate that they know where this bra’s limits are and they advertise accordingly.


This bra is a pullover style meaning there is no closure along the band. 2 drawbacks that people often have with this style is that it can be hard to put on and take off and there is no adjustability. Luckily, our testers here at BraSpace have found that this bra does run true to size, so that should help you navigate the bumpy waters of trying to get the perfect fit.

This Torrid strappy back sports bra is the perfect bra to add style to any shirt with an open back that will emphasize the lattice detail on the back of the bra. While this bra isn’t ideal for hard core workouts, it is a really cute piece to be part of an athleisure look on a hot day.


The straps are the spotlight moment of this bra. Without the detailed straps on the back, this would just be a very average low impact sports bra. But the straps give this bra a unique fashion element.

We are pleased to share that even though there are lots of very thin straps, they don’t dig or cut into shoulders at all. While they are not padded straps, they are placed properly to distribute the weight of the breast in way that is comfortable all day long. We haven’t had any problems with the straps leaving marks after we take the bra off either.

While there 6 different straps on this bra, none of them are adjustable. Luckily this bra runs true to size so we haven’t found this to be a drawback, however if having adjustable straps is important to you, this may be worth noting.


The band width of this bra is thick all the way around, ensuring that it doesn’t dig in uncomfortably in any areas. Any time a bra uses compression as a method of support, it’s important for us to evaluate the band as well to make sure that it isn’t too tight. We are happy to report that the band on this bra is not constricting or restrictive. It hits the mark of the comfort level you would expect from a low impact sports bra. Not painful on the ribcage at all.

Padding & Underwire

This is a wirefree, padding free bra. Like previously mentioned, the support of this bra comes strictly from compression and the weight distribution to the straps. While there are both perks and drawbacks to this, it is right in line with most low impact sports bra on the market today. The vacancy of pads and wires definitely lends itself to the comfort level of this bra. Allowing you to move around without wires or pads shifting or getting in the way. And as a bonus, no pads, means you don’t have to put pads back in this bra after every wash. 🙂

Of course, a possible drawback to not having pads in a bra is risking your nipples showing through. Now, that is not something that bothers everyone, but if that’s something you’re aware of, it should be known that this bra isn’t going to give you much assistance in keeping them concealed.

The final drawback on not having padding and wires is the limitation of support and shape. Padding and wires are often used for enhancing the shape of breasts by lifting and separating them. This bra is accurately marketed as a sports bra, and most of the time sports bras purpose is not to emphasize the look of the breasts, but to merely keep them in place in a comfortable way.


While this bra is advertised as a sports bra, the material of this bra lends itself more toward a lounge bra or a daily wear bra. Don’t get us wrong, the material is soft and comfort, the problem arises when you get sweaty. It is not a breathable or workout friendly material so the fabric clings to your boobs like seran wrap and allows sweat to pool both between and under your boobs. We have had very positive experience with this material just wearing for normal activities, but we can’t say the same for working out.


Torrid is a plus size women’s clothing brand, therefore, this bra is only available in plus sizes. For women with larger chests, we often prefer sports bras from brands that specialize in larger sizes, because then we know we aren’t wearing a product that was made for someone who has very different needs than we do. This bra does run true to size, so you can feel confident ordering your normal size. If you aren’t sure of your current bra size, check out our perfected bra calculator to ensure you are getting your best fit!

Design & Features

The front of this bra is smooth with the exception of the 2 seems that run down the outside of each breast. They are not directly on the farthest point out, so you don’t see the seams through all clothing, but depending on the thickness and opacity of the fabric of the shirt that you are wearing over top, you may be able to see them.

Other than the most notable feature of the of lattice design of the straps on the back, this bra has pretty smooth lines. It offers decent coverage all from all angles and doesn’t feel you leaving like you are spilling out without riding up into your under arm area.

Care Instructions & Tips

A huge perk to this Torrid sports bra is how easy it is to care for! Just chuck it in the washing machine after each wear and wash it on cold and let it to hang dry overnight and you are good to go! We have found that this bra holds up well to many washes and wears without losing the integrity in the fabric. Here at BraSpace, we love a bra that can be properly cleaned in the washing machine without ruining the bra, and this bra is exactly that!

Quality & Pricing

The sticker price of this bra is a little high for what we think it’s worth. Luckily, Torrid runs a multitude of sales multiple times a month so it’s not hard to find this bra on sale for a decent price. You may just have to keep your eyes on the site. The quality of the bra is really nice. Doesn’t feel cheap at all. No loose strings or ripping seams even after dozens of washes. Even though the material is sweat friendly, it is both soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.

Final Thoughts

Some bras are favorites, some are epic fails, this one is somewhere in between. Balancing its shining moments with its shortcomings, we’d say this bra falls slightly above average. The strappy back detail, soft material, and simple care routine make this bra an easy one to add to your rotation. It is just important to keep in mind that it is not a sweat friendly material and we don’t recommend that you use it as a sports bra. If you have a larger chest and are looking for a cute bra for a relaxed look with a little bit of flare, this may be a great option.

What are you waiting for?! Go grab one here!

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