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by | Jan 16, 2024

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Bra Overview

You may have seen this bra in an Instagram ad or in a video with your favorite fashion vlogger. The Bliss Bralette is the most popular bra from Harper Wilde. As a part of its cult following, this bra has become extremely recognizable as a cornerstone of high quality comfort. Unfortunately, this is one bandwagon we just can’t jump on. After reviewing many sizes and colors of this bra, we just don’t have the love for it that others do. The Harper Wilde Move Sports Bra is a MUCH better alternative to this if you are looking for a high quality, comfortable, pull over bra.

Shape and Support Level

This bra is built for comfort and not for support. Which can totally get behind. There are bras that we prefer to be built for comfort, but in the pursuit of comfort they lost shape and support in this one. Your breasts are left being flattened downward and at the same time any extra breast tissue is being pushed out the side creating a bulge under the armpit. The shape you are left with is anything but flattering. Again, we acknowledge that the goal of this bra isn’t to create a perfected shape, but we find that it makes our boobs look worse than if we were wearing nothing at all.

nude bliss bralette

There is a curved seam in this bra under the breasts that look like it should provide some support. In reality the purpose that this serves differs greatly on the size of your body, and most of our testers have found that the seam under the bust wasn’t hitting in the right place. For some women the seam cut the cups short and was making it so the band started before the curve of their breast ended. But for women with smaller chests, they found that the seam was too low to offer support and there were inches in between the curved seam and the end of the breast.

A seam that is designed specifically to hug the curves of the bottom of boobs needs to be perfectly placed and accompanied by adjustable straps to ensure the proper placement can be achieved. This bra isn’t adjustable around the band or straps, making the placement of this support seam a complete guess. And…unfortunately that guess is a complete flop.


This is properly named bralette. It is a pullover bralette that has no wires or padding. Neither the front nor the back scoop down too low. They both off a little bit of coverage without being too high. We find that there is enough material on the bralette that our nipples aren’t popping out the top (or side or bottom for that matter).

There are no cups whatsoever, meaning that if things get even a little chilly outside, things will get “nippy” really quickly. If you don’t mind your nipples showing through your shirts in your lounge wear, then this may not even be a factor for you. But if that is something that bothers you, you may want to keep it in mind.

We do love a good wirefree lounge bralette, and that is what we are seeing with the Bliss Bralette from Harper Wilde. No wires to get poked with or to get in the way when you are lounging around. Just buttery soft material that will move with your body.

harper wilde bra straps


This lounge bra has straps that are an inch wide, which we find isn’t quite thick enough for the larger sizes. Anything that is a L-6X we find could benefit from some thicker straps with a little bit of padding. When there are several pounds being held up by each strap, the distribution of the weight is extremely important when it comes to the comfort level of the bra. This bra has thin material on the straps so if you have even a little bit of give (skin, fat, etc.) on your shoulders, this bra will dig in pretty deeply.

Harper Wilde bra straps


Now, this is arguably our biggest frustration with this bra. The material is buttery soft, just like every other Harper Wilde Bra we have worn. The problem is with the seams. Specifically the seam along the neckline. Like with many products that are labeled “no show” the edges of this bra are meant to be very thin. However they aren’t sewn properly, so the edges flip and rotate around, making the seam go in different directions. Overall this not only makes the bras more obvious under clothes but it also adds a layer of uncomfort.

Bliss bralette by harper wilde


Although this bra isn’t available in every size, we do love that Harper Wilde offers it in sizes XS-6X. This is the only Harper Wilde bra/bralette that we recommend sizing up in. We are a fan of many of their bras and have always found that they run very true to size. Except for this one. For some reason the Bliss Bralette runs on the smaller side. If this is a bralette you’d like to try, we recommend using their size guide to identify your true size, and then size up one size.

Design & Features

This bra features a completely smooth design with no raised elements such as zippers, lace, or closures that would be visible through clothing. It is smooth both inside and out, ensuring a seamless appearance under garments.

Care Instructions & Tips

Harper Wilde advises placing the bra in a protective bag and washing it in a machine on a gentle, cold cycle. After washing, let it air dry. This method maintains the bra’s liveliness and charm. For best results, wash it with similar colors and materials. However, watch out for lint-producing fabrics – they tend to cling to this bra, as one of our testers found out. Despite frequent washing, the bra’s texture remains in tact, making it a practical choice for those who prefer machine washing over hand-washing. Simply machine wash and continue with your day, hassle-free.

back of bliss bralette by harper wilde

Quality & Pricing

This bra is more expensive for a lounge bralette. It is not a $20 or $30 bra you’d pick up at Target. It is something that we would only recommend to out BraSpace community if we thought it was worth the money, and unfortunately with this bra it isn’t. However, Harper WIlde has a similar bra that delivers on everything this bra wants to be and then some! It has a bit more of an athletic look to it, but we can assure you it is nothing but comfortable. Check out our review of one of our favorite bras to date: The Harper Wilde Move Sports Bra.

Final Thoughts

Overall we have found the Bliss Bralette from Harper Wilde to be underwhelming. While the quality of the fabric is decent, the cut and overall fit is just not doing it for us. Harper Wilde has some showing stopping bras, this just isn’t one of them. The way it distributes your breast tissue, seams that flip inside out, and the overall coverage the bra offers are not up to our BraSpace standard.

If you are looking for a lounge bralette from Harper Wilde that will truly provide comfort check out our review on their Lounge Rib Scoop Bralette.

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