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by | Jun 5, 2023

Move by Harper Wilde
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Bra Overview

It is rare that you find a bra that is comfortable enough to wear all day AND is still supportive. The Move Sports Bra by Harper Wilde accomplishes both of those and for that reason we could not be happier to share it with you! Here at BraSpace we test bras every single day, and this one has been a stand out from the first day we tried it on. Our initial tester tried it and fell in love with it so quickly she immediately ordered some for our other testers and later even ordered one for her mom!

Support Level

This is a true pullover bra, meaning it has no wires or closures. Given that, this bra holds up the weight of breasts very well. We have had many women test out this bra, several of which are plus size, and across the board we have been impressed with the support this bra has to offer considering how incredibly soft the material is. We aren’t just talking about the “support” that comes from a compression bra that feels like it’s 2 sizes too small and is just squishing your boobs. We are talking about real support.

While the style of this bra may look very familiar and like something you would see for $15 at Target, we can assure you there is more to this bra than meets the eye. This is not a bra that is going to lose all structure and elasticity after the 1st(or 20th) wash. There is structure to the fabric and stitching that helps this truly hold up your breasts without it being uncomfortable.

While we do find the support of this bra to be remarkable for how comfortable it is, we still classify it as a low impact sports bra. Meaning it is not intended for running, HIIT workouts, or anything with lots of jumping. It is great for yoga, slow to moderate paced walks, or if you live an active lifestyle and want a bra that you can wear all day long with having to constantly re-adjust the girls. It is going to keep your breasts in place and decently well lifted without leaving you feeling restricted.

White Move Sports Bra by Harper Wilde


Any time you have a bra without wires or cups/padding you run the risk of the infamous “uniboob,” or the lack of separation of the 2 breasts. Luckily, with this bra, it distributes the weight of the breasts in a way that still gives decent shape. The neckline is flattering by showing a very slight amount of cleavage without being too low cut or revealing.

Harper Wilde does a great job of making it clear that the goal of this bra isn’t to be a push up bra, but for a comfortable daily wear bra, it is still able to give good separation and shape. Under clothes we don’t find it to be unflattering or make breasts look lumpy. We also have had women with saggier breasts test this bra, and they were pleasantly surprised with how their breasts looked in this bra.


This is a classic high quality, low impact sports bra. The comfort of this bra is by far the spotlight moment for this bra, but because it offers some hold and support, it is best fit for low intensity workouts or everyday wear. We love this bra for everything from yoga to running errands or chasing after young kids all day. Anytime you don’t want to go braless but you want to feel that same level of comfort, this bra could be a great fit.

The Move Racerback Sports Bra


The straps on this racerback sports bra are 1.5 inches thick. They are made of the same high quality fabric as the rest of the bra and are extremely comfortable. They are not padded, but they have several layers of such a soft fabric that keep it comfortable and ensures they won’t dig into your shoulders, even for those who need to have a lot of weight in their breasts that need to be held up.

The edges are hemmed properly so it doesn’t cut into your neck or feel uncomfortable on the skin. Meaning that when you take it off at the end of a long day, you won’t have red marks from where the edges of the bra have been digging in to your shoulders all day. Let’s be honest, that within itself is something to appreciate! 🙂

That being said, like any traditional racerback bra, depending on the neckline of your shirt, you may see the straps at the top of your shirt if it is a wider neckline. Another thing to note is that these strap are not adjustable. The benefit to that is there is no metal, hard plastic, or velcro along the straps, so the straps are truly comfortable from every angle.

The potential downside however, is that you don’t get to customize the length of the straps. It is not uncommon for this style of sports bra to not have adjustable straps, but if straps tend to be an issue for you when finding properly fitting sports bras, this may be something to note.

Harper Wilde Move Racerback Sports Bra


The height of the band under the arm is 5 inches. Of the multiple women we have had test this bra, not a single one of them has had a complaint about this bra cutting into their armpits or riding up throughout the day. This bra also provides decent coverage in the back, helping to “control back rolls” in a comfortable yet flattering way. The band around the bottom of the bra is 1.5 inches. Again, located properly so it isn’t cutting into your breasts or ribcage at any point.

Padding & Underwire

This is a wirefree bra, which helps it score off the charts when it comes to comfort, but it does limit its ability to be extremely supportive. However, even for the women who wear sizes 2x and 3x we have found it does provide enough support to be classified as a low impact sports bra and not just a lounge bra.

This bra also has no padding in it. Wait! Before you run for the hills and decide that there is no way you are going to like this bra, let me share with you some thoughts from our bra testers about this.

“Normally you could never get me to wear a bra without cups because I am very self conscious about being able to see my nipples through my shirt. I wear a 40DD and usually lean towards bras with thick pads. I won’t say that you can never see my nipples through this bra, however on warmer days, I find that I am comfortable enough in this bra to walk around, knowing that the world won’t see my headlights.” -Sienna, BraSpace Bra Tester

“My breasts have breastfed 4 incredible children, which is great, don’t get me wrong, but over 25 years later it’s left them saggy and uneven. Even though I have a smaller chest, it is rare that you would find me in a bra without padding because that structure provides crucial shape for me. I have been beyond impressed with this bra because it supports me without making me feel overly restricted. I genuinely am looking forward to ordering more colors!” – Monica, BraSpace Bra Tester

While it’s clear this bra isn’t 100% “headlight-proof,” due to the absence of pads, it does provide a thicker material which helps cover your nipples, and the bra is high quality enough that it helps hold up your breasts, so even if they do show through on a cold day, their placement are more likely to be in an “ideally position” and not at your belly button.


While the appearance of this bra may look standard, once you touch it you will see that it is anything but. This material is the epitome of buttery soft. From the moment you open your package you will see that the softness of the material is truly unmatched. Somehow Harper Wilde was able to find a way to marry cloud-like softness with a decent level of support that lasts not only throughout the day but through dozens of washes, and we are loving every minute of it!

It is a sports bra, so we also have to consider the sweat factor, and we are happy to report that after many sweaty, long days of wearing this bra it is able to maintain its breathability. No pools of sweat under boobs to be found here!


While they don’t make this bra in every size we are happy to say that Harper Wilde makes this bra in sizes XS-3X and we have found that it runs true to size. They do have a size guide chart for their bras if you want to be sure that you are ordering the appropriate size, but we have found that just by ordering our usual size, we’ve had no problems with the bra fitting.

Design & Features

This bra doesn’t have any areas where there are raised elements that would show through clothing (i.e. zipper, lace, velcro, closures, etc.). The bra is smooth all the way around from both the inside and outside. There is a small, shallow pocket between the shoulder blades on the back of the bra that is meant for a cell phone. Honestly, we have found this pocket to be completely useless, but it also doesn’t interrupt or get in the way of anything. If you needed to stick a key, or card in your sports bra while you were running errands, it might be okay, but we haven’t found it to be a noteworthy feature.

It also has the brand’s name, “Harper Wilde,” along the exterior of the left side of the band that goes around the ribcage. Again this is not raised or a different material, just solely for design purposes. All around, this is a simplistic bra that looks great by itself or as a complement to an athleisure look but it also can disappear under your clothes if that is the look you’re after.

Care Instructions & Tips

Harper Wilde recommends machine washing the bra in a bag on a cold cycle and letting it hang dry. We have found that this method works great and doesn’t change the elasticity or quality of the bra over time. The only thing we would add, would be to wash it with items of like materials and like colors. We had one of our testers wash her bra with fuzzier materials and we found that it acted like a magnet for all the lint.

Other than that we haven’t found the texture of the material to change with washing and we absolutely love that you can stick it in the washer! We don’t have time to hand wash this bra after every use and we know you don’t either! And yes, just like all sports bras, we recommend washing this bra after every use to make sure it’s clean and not collecting bacteria and then just holding it up against your skin.

Quality & Pricing

The price for the quality of this bra is an absolute no brainer. We would happily justify paying almost double for this bra. Everything from the material used, down to the quality of stitching is excellent. No complaints here when it comes to the quality of this bra. It feels great on, it’s easy to care for, and the shopping experience on the Harper Wilde website is as easy as it gets!

Final Thoughts

You know it’s a great bra when our biggest complaint is that it doesn’t come in enough colors because we want to order more. This Harper Wilde bra is an absolute homerun! We are crazy about this bra for XS-3X! The material is truly one of the softest we have ever worn. This bra is the perfect example of put it on, and then forget it’s there. If you don’t like the restrictive feeling of wearing a bra, but don’t want to go braless, THIS is the bra for you!

What are you waiting for?! Go grab one here!

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