Does Not Wearing a Bra Cause Sagging? – Is There Truth in the Age Old Myth?

I’m sure you’ve heard the old theory that not wearing a bra causes your boobs to sag over time. If you’re anything like us, you found yourself asking, “is that true or just something the bra companies made us to scare us into keep buy bras?” Let’s figure it out! Once and for all. Does not wearing a bra cause sagging? Luckily we are here today to debunk this myth. If you don’t wear a bra does that mean your boobs will be at your belt for your 50th birthday?!

Does not wearing a bra cause sagging

Is It Just an Old Myth?

While we LOVE a perfectly fitted bra here at BraSpace, is it better to not be wearing bras at all? The notion that abstaining from bra usage leads to sagging breasts has been passed down through generations like a well-worn hand-me-down. Whether fueled by well-intentioned advice or urban legends, the idea persists, causing many to question the consequences of letting the twins roam free.

The Truth Behind it: Science Behind Sagging

To address this concern, it’s crucial to understand the physiological factors that contribute to breast sagging. The primary culprit? Time. As the years go by, skin loses its elasticity due to a natural decrease in collagen production. This, coupled with factors such as genetics, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations, contributes to the inevitable force of gravity taking its toll on breast tissue.

Do Bras Even Make a Difference?

Contrary to popular belief, scientific evidence does not overwhelmingly support the idea that bras are the saviors warding off the sag. While a well-fitted bra can provide temporary lift and support, it doesn’t necessarily prevent the long-term effects of aging and gravity.

In fact, some argue that bras may weaken the supportive structures of the breasts over time, as the muscles responsible for maintaining perkiness may grow accustomed to external support, leading to dependence.

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Going Braless?!

Enter the braless revolution, a movement championing comfort and body positivity. Advocates argue that allowing breasts to move naturally promotes circulation, reduces discomfort, and encourages a healthier relationship with one’s body. The emphasis is on embracing the changes that come with aging and acknowledging that gravity is a force to be reckoned with, bra or no bra.

Deconstructing the Myth

We are not the only ones to ask “does not wearing a bra cause sagging?” Research on the relationship between bra usage and breast sagging is inconclusive. A 15-year French study conducted by Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon suggested that wearing bras may contribute to sagging by weakening the supporting tissue. However, the sample size was relatively small, and more research is needed to draw definitive conclusions. That was not the only attempt at trying to dispel this myth, and like this one, all the others came up with no connection.

Really all that means is people have been trying to force a correlation between sagging breasts and bra wearing for many years, and there really has never been a solid one discovered.

Totally Your Call

Beyond the scientific discourse, the decision to wear or not wear a bra is completely yours. Some women feel very empowered when going braless while others couldn’t feel more self conscious. Often times this has more to do with personality than it has to do with breast size. However you are most comfortable is what you should do, ad while you’re doing that, don’t worry about them sagging in the future because that is more dependent on genetics and how often you apply sunscreen to your chest.

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The belief that wearing a bra causes breasts to sag is a common misconception and has been a topic of debate and discussion. This idea might stem from various misunderstandings and myths about how bras affect breast tissue and muscle over time. Here are a few reasons why some people might say this:

  1. Support vs. Natural Strength: Some believe that constant support from a bra might prevent the chest muscles and the skin from naturally supporting the breast tissue, potentially leading to sagging when a bra is not worn. The theory suggests that without regular reliance on a bra, these tissues and muscles could potentially be stronger or more resilient, providing natural support.
  2. Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage: Others propose that bras, especially those that are tight-fitting or underwired, can restrict blood flow and hinder lymphatic drainage, which could potentially affect the elasticity and health of the breast tissue over time.
  3. Misinterpretation of Studies: There have been various studies on the subject, with mixed findings. Some misinterpret these studies or take the findings out of context, leading to the widespread belief that bras cause sagging.
  4. Personal Anecdotes and Experiences: Personal stories and experiences can also contribute to this belief. Some individuals may notice changes in their breast shape or firmness based on their bra-wearing habits and then attribute these changes directly to the bras themselves, without considering other factors like aging, weight fluctuations, genetics, or pregnancy.
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However, it’s essential to note that scientific research has not conclusively proven that wearing a bra directly causes breasts to sag. Factors that typically influence sagging (also known as breast ptosis) include genetics, age, significant weight changes, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, which can all affect the elasticity of the skin and the strength of the connective tissues in the breasts. Each person’s experience can vary widely based on these factors, and wearing or not wearing a bra is a personal choice that might not significantly affect whether or not sagging occurs.

Does Not Wearing a Bra Cause Sagging? The Final Verdict

To those who cling to the notion that bras are the unsung heroes in the battle against gravity, it’s time to reconsider. The idea that forsaking the bra will turn your assets into saggy souvenirs from a bygone era is as antiquated as corsets and hoop skirts.

Let’s face it, whether you’re a bra enthusiast or a committed member of the braless sisterhood, the reality is that time and genetics are the true architects of breast sagging. So, let the ladies breathe if they so choose, because in the grand scheme of things, gravity always gets its way.