Harper Wilde | Lounge Rib Scoop Bralette

by | Jan 3, 2024

Harper Wilde | Lounge Rib Scoop Bralette

Bra Overview

Some bras are made for support, some are made to look sexy, and some are made for comfort. This lounge bralette from Harper Wilde is one of the most comfortable bras we have ever reviewed. The material is buttery soft, there the the perfect amount of stretch so it holds the girls up relieving some of the pressure from the weight of your breasts, and it truly classifies as a bra you’ll forget you have on.

Support Level

This is a pullover bralette, that has no wires or closures. It is not meant to be a pushup bra or a high support sports bra. It is a true lounge bra with light support and maximum comfort.

blue harper wilde bra


While this may look like any old sleep bra, we can assure you that there is structure in this bra. It isn’t going to provide a high level of support, but it will help lift up your boobs. It essentially acts as a little extra assistance to go against gravity.

For a lounge bra, we love the cut on both the front and the back. The neckline isn’t too low, but it also isn’t so high that it is restricting. This bra is so comfortable you can actually sleep in it! Even though Harper Wilde labels this a lounge bra, we have absolutely done more than just lounge in it. It is great to throw on under a sweatshirt or t-shirt when you are having a casual day. For women who have larger breasts, this is a great alternative to going braless. Sometimes going braless can be uncomfortable, and this bra offers that perfect in between.


This is properly named a lounge bra. It is truly made out of cloud-like material that makes it comfortable to relax in any position. It won’t restrict any movements or dig in at weird places. The straps are slightly wide set, which may be something to note if you find that bra straps are often too far to the side on your bras. All in all we find this to be similar to the style of the top of a scoop neck tank top.

harper wilde bra straps


This lounge bra boasts straps a generous 1.5 inches wide, crafted from the same top-notch fabric as the rest of the ensemble for supreme comfort. No padding here, but fear not—the multiple layers of sumptuous fabric ensure a cozy fit that won’t wage war on your shoulders, even for those bearing a heavier bust.

Each edge is meticulously hemmed to avoid any unseemly cutting or discomfort around your neck and skin. So, when you shimmy out of it after a marathon day, you’ll be mark-free and marveling at the sheer relief — and let’s face it, that’s a little luxury we all deserve!

However, a possible hiccup might be the fixed length of the straps. It’s not unusual for this type of lounge bra to come without adjustable straps, but if you’re someone who often struggles with finding the perfect strap length in your lounge bras, this is a detail you might want to keep in mind.

yellow harper wilde bra

Padding & Underwire

This bra has no pads or wires, which helps it score highly on the comfort scale. This does limit its ability to provide high levels of support, but that isn’t the goal of this bra.

Sure, this bra isn’t the ultimate fortress against the “headlight” dilemma, thanks to the no-padding situation, but it’s got a thicker fabric that steps up to give your nipples some classy coverage.


This lounge bra is made of material so soft it’ll make silk jealous. It’s like wearing a cloud – if clouds were made of ultra-luxe, whisper-soft fabric that knows just how fabulous you are. Durable yet delicate, this little number is lightweight luxury that’ll have you questioning why you’d ever settle for less. In this bra, you’re not just comfortable; you’re comfortably chic.

harper wilde white lounge bra


Although this bra isn’t available in every size, we’re pleased to report that Harper Wilde offers it in sizes XS-3X, and it generally fits true to size. They provide a specific size guide chart on their website for this bra, ensuring you can double-check your fit before ordering. However, in our experience, simply choosing our regular size has led to a seamless fit with no issues.

Design & Features

This bra doesn’t have any areas where there are raised elements that would show through clothing (i.e. zipper, lace, velcro, closures, etc.). The bra is smooth all the way around from both the inside and outside. Let’s be honest, the shining moment of this bra isn’t the shape it provides, it is the ultimate level of comfort it provides.

Care Instructions & Tips

Harper Wilde suggests popping the bra into a bag before washing it in the machine on a cold setting, then letting it air out like fine wine. This routine is a winner, keeping the bra’s bounce and sass intact. Our hot tip? Keep it classy by washing with similar colors and fabrics. Beware the fuzzy culprits, though; one of our testers learned the hard way that this bra is a lint magnet!

The texture? Stays flawless wash after wash, and let’s be honest, who’s got the time or patience for hand-washing? Certainly not us, and we bet you don’t either! So go ahead, throw it in the wash and carry on with your day.

olive lounge bra

Quality & Pricing

For a lounge bra, this bralette is on the pricer side. It isn’t a $15 or $20 bra that you’d pick up at Walmart or Target. Now, don’t get us wrong, we have bras from Walmart and Target that we love, but they don’t match the quality of this Harper Wilde. After almost a year’s worth of wearing this bra, we can confidently say that this bra can be worn and washed and maintain its elasticity and softness. If it is properly cared for, the quality and longevity of this bra make it worth the price.

You would have to buy multiple cheaper bras to last us as long as one Harper Wilde bra. If you are looking for a high quality bra to lounge around in that will last, look no further. She’s right here!

Final Thoughts

Harper Wilde has done it again. Another bra that is a 12/10 on the comfort scale and is wearable for a wide variety of sizes. The body positivity movement that is evident in Harper Wilde’s branding also comes through with how well made this bra is for so many sizes. They did not take a size small bra and just add fabric. They created a proper cut for each size to ensure a flawless fit.

If you like the feeling of not wearing a bra, but don’t want to go braless, THIS is the bra for you!

What are you waiting for?! Go grab one here!

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