Why Your Thirdlove Bra Straps Fall Down: You’re Not Insane

We know we aren’t the only ones asking why the Thirdlove bra straps fall down. While there are some bras that are bigger culprits than others (we will get to that later) for a brand as a whole this seems to be a problem across the board. There are many factors that can contribute to why bra straps would fall down so we will be sure to touch on those as well.

We do want to make 2 things very clear. The first being that you are not alone and there are hundreds of people a month Googling about why their Thirdlove bra straps keep falling down. Secondly we want to help you find a solution, because at the core of the BraSpace beliefs is that everyone deserves a bra that fits.

Thirdlove plus size black bra
Image Credit thirdlove.com

So It Happens to Other People Too??

Yep. You’re not the only one. People have been questioning why their Thirdlove bra straps fall down since 2017. When Thirdlove entered the market, they did it in a way with lots of promises and a new approach. Unfortunately they came up short in more area then one, but today we are going to focus on the straps slipping off your shoulder.

There is data showing that hundreds of people a month are asking Google why their Thirdlove bra straps are falling down. This shows us more than just a pattern. So when we made our many purchases of many Thirdlove bras for testing purpose that was something we kept a close eye on. And sure enough, within 15 mins we had straps treating our shoulders like a slip-and-slide. We even had testers comment on it that we didn’t mention anything about it to. So what is it that is causing Reddit forums to be created about this very specific question?

A Mutual Frustration

When creating bras one key component to master for a perfect fit is the straps. Not all women have the same distance from the top of their shoulders to where the top of a cup in a bra is. Hence the creation of the adjustable strap, so companies didn’t have to create more sizes, they could use the same bra size for a wider range of people by letting them adjust the straps to their own preference. Now, this only works if the range that you are able to adjust includes the right length for your body. If not, then just as if the cups were too small or the band was too big, the bra won’t fit you.

Why is This Complaint so Popular with Thirdlove?

After trying the bras ourselves and touching base with others who have had the same concern we have narrowed it down to a few things. The first being the textured material they decided to add to the front of the straps on the t-shirt bra (see below). This is the bra that they have done the heaviest marketing for over the years, so we believe this is where a lot of the complaints stem from. We also found this to be the worst offender in our testing process. By adding that extra material to the front of the strap, it is limiting the adjustability of the straps.

Where a traditional bra would be able to be adjusted in that area, there is now sewn in material that prevents you from being able to adjust the bra to the normal range. The problem here is not only that if you need to adjust the straps to be within that range you can’t, but there also isn’t another size option that would allow you to have the same cup and band size with a different length strap.

why thirdlove bra straps dont stay up
An up close look at the additional material on the bra straps. Image Credit thirdlove.com

Another key factor to why Thirdlove bra straps fall down is the distance at which the straps are placed. The straps on several of the bras, but focusing again on the t-shirt bra, are farther apart from each other then they are on a standard bra. Even when looking at the images on the Thirdlove website with the bras on the models, you can see how the straps are almost to the models’ armpits. Due to that distance, there is yet again a smaller group of people who that is going to work well for. For most of us we find the placement of the straps that far apart to be uncomfortable, regardless of breast size.

Lastly, I do think it is important to note the material. Normally we would not even mention this because we don’t see a huge difference in the material compared to most other bras, but because they specifically are marketing it as “no-slip straps,” we think this is important to include. Obviously they are not no slip for many reasons, but the material of the straps have no specific qualities that would make them no-slip.

My Thirdlove Bra Failed Me, Now What?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you. Thirdlove’s lack of ability to create “no-slip straps” is a fault of their designers NOT your body. There are plenty of other bras out there, in every size and category, that will fit you much better. We have lots of recommendations and reviews here at BraSpace, but there are some main things to keep in mind when looking for a bra where the straps don’t fall down.

Be sure to check the adjustability range of the straps. Sometimes that can be tricky to do online, but by seeing where any permanent stitching on the straps are can give you a good idea of the straps’ ability to adjust. Next you’ll want to look at the distance between the straps.

If the straps look like they are resting on the round parts of the shoulders verses the collarbone, that is usually a good indicator that the straps are placed farther apart. Also if it looks like the cups of the bra are cutting into the model’s armpits, that is usually a good sign that that bra is best suited for someone who prefers the straps to be farther apart.

thirdlove bra straps fall down
Showing the excessive distance between the bra straps. Image Credit thirdlove.com

Takeaways from Why Your Thirdlove Straps Fall Down

The biggest thing to remember is like with any clothing item, if it doesn’t fit, it is NOT because there is something wrong with your body. Especially in this case when there are so many people that have had the same chief complaint for years. Upo a deeper investigation it is clear why Thirdlove bra straps fall down. Between the design flaws of the extra material permanently being stitched in the straps, the excessive distance between the straps, and the slick material used this bra never really stood a chance for most of us. It is tailored to fit a very specific build which leaves many hung out to dry.

As always, we can promise you that your perfect bra is out there and we would love to help you find it! Just because one brand isn’t the right one doesn’t mean that there aren’t lots of other, more promising, options.


This is (obviously) not a sponsored post, all of our opinions are our own, and all tested bras were purchased by BraSpace.